File extension JNLP

File extension JNLP is one of the file extensions that define type of the file and its contents.

The full form of JNLP is Java Network Launching Protocol. This is a set protocol which tells about the rules which define the implementation of the Java mechanism. The files with the .jnlp extension are of the type of Web Starts. They are associated with Java by Sun Microsystems, Inc. The Java Network Launching Protocol is used to launch and manage the applications off the web. They are made to manage the Java programs over a specified network. These files can be run by double-clicking on them if the system has the Java Runtime Environment installed.

So, what can these type of file formats do?

The files with the File extension JNLP may contain crucial information related to the remote addresses for the purposes of downloading the Java programs, which are featured by the files with a .jar extension. These files are saved with an XML format and can be easily viewed and edited with any text editor program in the system. These files with the . jnlp extensions actually contain a specified group of protocols which define the specific requirements of any mechanism for installing JAVA.

How is this file format different from applets?

Though the File extension JNLP files fall under the category of applets, but they are different from the other various types of applets. Unlike the others, these files cannot be opened and edited through the Web browser in the system. They have to be firstly installed into the computer system, and only then can they be used and run as all other normal Java applications. The JNLP files work in the same way as the HTTP and HTML protocols work for the web.

Before trying to install a file with the File extension JNLP, it is highly recommended that the Java version installed in the system should be fully updated and should also be enabled on the respective Web browser. After locating the file, either on the web (URL required for this) or on the network, the web browser should be opened. Right clicking on the file will give an option of &qout;Open With&qout;. To open the file, the option of &qout;Java Web Start&qout; is to be selected from the sub-menu that pops up. This way, the JNLP files can be run on any system.

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